Lac de Nisramont
Lac de Nisramont


Navigation sur lac de Nisramont
Navigation sur lac de Nisramont

Lac de Nisramont
Lac de Nisramont

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What is a  packraft?


Want to carry your boat to explore new territories? The packraft’s concept comes straight from Alaska!


Packraft gives you a mix of trekking and navigation as it's a light boat which is easily transportable in a small backpack. Once unfolded, the boat is inflated using a pump or an ingenious system that requires no electricity.

The goal: to take it everywhere with you, with no limits.

A packraft day trip?


Stock up on nature and adventure in the heart of the Ardenne Massif


With your hiking boots on and the packraft on your back, let Luc, your tour guide, lead you through the twists turns of the steep slopes of the Natural Park of the two Ourthes.

Have an authentic experience, rich in discoveries where the tranquility of the river mingles with the exciting trails.

A day of  3 stages


Feel the heart of the forest at your own pace


Rush deep into the Ardennes Massif on foot and by packraft, to have a captivating experience which fills your imagination and senses. An absorbing trip with friends, family or colleagues to get you fill of what nature can provide you with the most wonderfull emotions


A Pack and Raft happens over 3 stages


The Trek


At your own pace, tailored to the level of the group, connect the rendezvous site to the embarkation site located in the heart of the valley of the two Ourthes.


An unique opportunity to (re) discover the forest, a true trekkers paradise for its wide landscapes variety.

The Inflation


Once at the water’s edge, it is time to inflate your packraft and assemble your paddle. This will take about 5 minutes only. Your guide will stay with you to give you the best advices.


Once the boat is inflated and your belongings are well packed and protected in the waterproof bag provided, it is time to enjoy a well-deserved picnic. In lush greenery, with the sound of water and singing birds, you'll enjoy a relaxing moment with time for your eyes to take in the stunning landscapes.

The Kayaking


Ready? There's no time to lose! Get on your packraft and discover the feeling of freedom that you dream of... Truly connect with the quiet of nature, admire it from the water. You'll go along the famous Lake Nisramont to reach the dam where a spectacular sight awaits you. The water is wild and torrents into hydroelectric installations.


Walking on land with your packraft packed under your arm, take you directly to the L'Ourthe, where you'll enjoy the experience and savour the exciting descent.


Once down-river, your packraft finds its place back into its backpack, it is time to hike back to the starting point. For the more adventurous ones, a detour to the amazing site of the Hérou to take in the breathtaking view.